As you may know, the awesome Minecraft 1.16.x update has been released! The new Nether update brings new features to the game to enhance gameplay such as a vast new Nether to be explored with a lot of new mobs!
We all know that everyone wants to play this new version of the game with their friends, maybe even re-living some old memories and making loads of new ones, but we have some things for you to keep in mind when you start a Minecraft 1.16.x server.

For some reason, the server software for the Vanilla version of Minecraft 1.16.x seems to have some serious performance issues which means we can't give you the usual awesome experience on this version just yet. You might find that a server that works absolutely fine with 1.13.x won't work very well with 1.16.x at this point.

As Mojang & Microsoft develop the server software for the Java edition of Minecraft, we can only wait until they release the next update to the server software in the hope that these performance issues are fixed. Meanwhile, we advise that you approach 1.16.x with caution and backup any data if you do decide to switch to this version of Minecraft for your server.

Please note that Bukkit and Spigot, and pretty much every other server software out there, is developed by a lovely community of people that follow and support their chosen 'flavour'. This means that it could be a while before Bukkit / Spigot software become fully compatible (and bug-free!) with Minecraft 1.16.x. Furthermore, plugins most likely will not work with the latest development 1.16.x versions of Bukkit and Spigot.

It's also important to note that Mojang & Microsoft have changed the way that blocks are mapped in the game after the 1.14.x update. This means that worlds created in 1.14+ are not capable of being transferred to versions before this. Not even saving the blocks as a schematic and transferring a selection of blocks to a previous version that way will work.

Overall, we hope that the server software is fixed soon and that Minecraft 1.16 will bring you fun times to come!

Feel free to open a ticket in your client area if you need any assistance.

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