This article will help you on how you can configure you world border.

For this tutorial, you need to have OP. If you don’t know how to get OP, please follow our article “How to: OP Yourself on Your Minecraft Server“.

World Border Center

The world border center means simply where is the center of your border.
To set it, you just need to type minecraft world border command with center subcommand followed with of “x” and “z” coordinates.

You can also use your currently position using “~” instead of your “x” and “z” coordinates numbers.
Doing this, Minecraft will use your currently position in your world.

Setting up border distance

You can set a distance for your border by typing world border command with set subcommand followed with your wished diameter.

Note that is the diameter. In this next exemple, we used he diameter “10”, so Minecraft will set 5 blocks for each side.

Adding and removing diameter block (with time in seconds)

With this feature you can add and remove your world border diameter with a predefined time (in seconds).
You need just to type world border command with add subcommand followed with the number (to expand your border) or the negative number (to decrease your border size). Finally just put your wished seconds.

Usage Exemples:

To increase: /worldborder add 10 2
To decrease: /worldborder add -10 2

And that’s it!
Now you know how you can setup your world border!
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