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Create EssentialsX Kits with NBTs

This article will show you how to allow the EssentialsX plugin to create kits using NBTs.

❓ Installing the EssentialsX Plugin❓

To be able to edit the configuration, you will need to have the plugin installed on your server. We have a guide for doing that here:

How to Set Up and Use EssentialsX

⚙️ Editing the Configuration and Creating the Kits ⚙️

After the plugin was installed, you can easily change the option to enable the use of NBTs for kits:

Login to your Multicraft Panel

Click on Files and then select Config Files.

Click on Plugin Configs.

Select Essentials and then click on config.yml.

Set the use-nbt-serialization-in-createkit: option to true and click Save.

Restart your server and start creating kits!

NOTE: Kits can be created using the /createkit <kitname> <delay>. For example: /createkit vip 600 will create a kit called vip that has a 600 second delay and contains the items in your inventory.

If you find any issues setting up or configuring EssentialsX kits into your server please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 09/08/2023

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