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How to Convert Your Bedrock to a Java Edition One

This guide will help you with converting your Bedrock world to a Java Edition one.

As you know, at the moment Minecraft has two editions:

Java Edition - the usual one, that you can run only on PC
Bedrock Edition - the one made for consoles, like phones, XBOX, PS4, etc.

The two editions are fully separate and they have their way to store your world. You will not be able to run a Bedrock world on a Java Edition or the other way around as they are not compatible.

If you are playing on a Bedrock server, you may decide at a point that you want to switch to a Java Edition server as it provides a lot more features and is more updated (lots of plugins and mods provide a version only for the Java Edition). The issue with this change is that you would have to use a new world, without being able to carry your progress.

Chunker made it possible to convert a Bedrock world to a Java Edition one very easily!

❓ How to Export Your Bedrock World Files ❓

The first step in the process is to get a copy of your Bedrock world. Your world can be either a single-player one or the one from your Bedrock server.

💠 Single-Player World

To get a copy of your single-player Bedrock world you need to:

Launch your Minecraft Bedrock edition on your device and click on Play.


Click on Worlds, then find the world you need, and click on the Edit button at the end of that line.

Edit World

Scroll down until you see the Export World button and press it.

Export World

Choose the location your copy of the world will be saved.

💠 Server World

Log in to your Multicraft panel here.

Note the content of the box titled World because that is your world folder name. The default name is world.

World Name

NOTE: The world folder for Bedrock servers is located in the worlds folder from your server files. The worlds folder is located in the root directory of the server, the one that contains all the other files and folders.


Connect via FileZilla to your server and download your world.

Download World

Here is our guide explaining how to use FileZilla.

Right-click on the world folder you downloaded and add it to an archive. Then, rename it by changing the .zip at the end to .mcworld.


🗺️ How to Convert Your World 🗺️

Now that you have a copy of your Bedrock world we can proceed with converting it into a Java Edition one. To do that, follow the next steps:

Go here and press the Upload Archive button.

Upload Archive

Select the Bedrock world file you prepared and press the START UPLOAD button.


Select the Java Edition version you want the world to be converted to.

Select Version



Click on DOWNLOAD and save the ZIP file.


Open the ZIP file you just downloaded and copy the content into a new folder.

Now you just got the Java Edition world folder for the world you select that you can use either on your client or on your server.

📤 Importing Your World 📤

Now, all that's left is to import the world into your Java Edition client or your server.

💠 Import to Your Client

To import the world to your Java Edition client, you need to:

Press the Windows button and type run, then press Enter.

Type in the box that appears the following, then press Enter: %appdata%\.minecraft

Open the saves folder and paste the world folder that you prepared there.


Start your Minecraft client. Your world will pop up in the saves section and you will be able to select it and play.

💠 Import to Your Server

Here is our guide for importing your world to your Java server.

To import the world to your Java Edition server, you need to:

Use Filezilla to upload the new world folder to your server, meaning inside the root directory of the server.


Here is our guide for using FileZilla.

Find the World section in your main Multicraft page, then select the new world folder you just added in the drop-down list, then click on Save.


Restart your server.

Now you just uploaded your converted world to your Java Edition server.

If you find any issue converting your Bedrock world to a Java Edition one please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 09/03/2022

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