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How to Set Up and Use PlayerLands Plugin

This guide will help you understand what the PlayerLands plugin is and how to use it.

❓ What Is PlayerLands ❓

The PlayerLands plugin provides server owners with a fully customizable web store, meaning your players will be able to open from your Minecraft server an online store.

This can help you as a server owner and also it lets people support your work!

Please note that the PlayerLands plugin is working for the 1.8 Minecraft version and for any higher than that.

Also, PlayerLands is providing versions for Bukkit/ Spigot/ Paper and Nukkit (Bedrock), so be sure your server is running one of those mentioned earlier.

For more info about the PlayerLands plugin you can check their official page here or their official Spigot plugin page here.

📩 How to Download the PlayerLands Plugin 📩

To download the PlayerLands plugin you will have to first go here and create an account.

After doing so you will have to:

Log in here into your PlayerLands account.

Click on Plugins.

Download the version you want.

NOTE: We suggest you use Paper for running plugins, so download the Paper edition of the plugin! But if you are running a Nukkit Bedrock server, you will have to download the Nukkit version or the plugin.

Also, please note that the download will be a ZIP file, which has to be extracted to get the plugin actual JAR file that you have to upload to your server.

🔌 How to Install PlayerLands 🔌

To install the PlayerLands plugin on your server you will have to do the following:

Connect via FileZilla to your server.

Please note that here is our guide for using FileZilla.

Upload the PlayerLands plugin JAR file to your server plugins folder using FileZilla.

Restart your server.

Now you just installed the PlayerLands plugin and you can use the /plugins command to verify it.

Here you can find our guide for installing a plugin.

🛒 How to Create Your First PlayerLands Store 🛒

As we already explained, PlayerLands is providing you with a fully customizable web store for your server that players can access.

To create your first PlayerLands store you will have to:

Log in to your PlayerLands account here.

Click on Stores.

Click on the green dot with a + inside to create a new store.

Fill in the Store Name and Store URL according to your needs, then click on Create.

Note that the store URL will be your actual web store link, which you can use in your browser to access your store, and it has by default the ending.

Now you just created your first PlayerLands store!

💠 Managing Your Store

To manage your store you just need to click again on Stores, select the one you want, and there you have all options you need to customize your store, like managing categories, packages, or servers.

NOTE: You can open your store by clicking on the URL on your main store page.

🔗 How to Link Your Store to Your Server 🔗

To link your store to your actual Minecraft server you will have to do the following:

Log in to your PlayerLands account here.

Click on Stores, then select the store you want to link to your server.

Click on Manage Servers.

Click on the green dot with a + inside to add a new server.

Fill in the Server Name and click on Create.

After doing so, the new server you added will pop up in the list. Copy using ctrl + c the Register Command.

Do not share with anybody the `Register Command`!

Log in to your Multicraft panel here, start your server and click on Console.

Paste the Register Command here removing the / at the beginning, then sent it.

Now you just linked your web store to your server!

If you find any issues setting up or using the PlayerLands plugin please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 07/07/2022

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