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How to Set Up Permissions Using PurePerms on Your PocketMine Server

This article will show you how to properly set up permissions on your PocketMine server using the PurePerms plugin.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: You can only set permissions on a PocketMine server as it can run plugins. The Bedrock Dedicated Template is not able to run plugins so you can not set up a Permissions Plugin.

Before we start, we need to understand the meaning of the arguments for each command that we will use:

- ❓ The ones between ' <> ' are necessary for the command to work, you need to fill that campus with the correct argument.
- ❓ The ones between ' [] ' are not necessary for the command and usually are extra features. You can use the command leaving those spaces empty and it will still work.

🌲 What is PurePerms? 🌲

PurePerms is a Permission plugin that only works on PocketMine and lets you manage Permissions on your server.

Here you can find more details about PurePerms on its official page.

🔌 How to Set Up PurePerms 🔌

First, you will have to download the PurePerms plugin here. After doing so, you need to use Filezilla to upload the plugin to the plugins folder of the server.

After uploading the plugin you need to restart the server for it to load the plugin.

Here is our guide for using Filezilla. Also, here is our guide for installing plugins into your server.

🔩 How to Configure PurePerms 🔩

To configure PurePerms you will have to create groups, add permissions for commands to each group, then add players into groups.

General Commands


Allows you to find permissions for a specific plugin.


Shows info about PurePerms.


Reloads all PurePerms configurations.

Managing Groups

To manage your groups you will use the following commands:

/addgroup <group>

Adds a new group to the group's list.

/addparent <target_group> <parent_group>

Adds a group to another group inheritance list.

/defgroup <group> [world]

Allows you to set the default group.


Shows a list of all groups.

/grpinfo <group> [world]

Shows info about a group.

/listgperms <group> <page> [world]

Shows a list of all permissions from a group.

/rmgroup <group>

Removes a group from the group's list.

/rmparent <target_group> <parent_group>

Removes a group from another group inheritance list.

/setgperm <group> <permission> [world]

Adds a permission node to the group.

/unsetgperm <group> <permission> [world]

Removes a permission node from the group.

Managing Users

To manage your Users you will use the following commands:

/listuperms <player> <page> [world]

Shows a list of all permissions from a user.

/setuperm <player> <permission> [world]

Adds a permission node to the user.

/unsetuperm <player> <permission> [world]

Removes a permission node from the user.

/usrinfo <player> [world]

Shows info about a user.

📑 Setting Up Prefixes and Suffixes 📑

If you want to be able to set prefixes and suffixes for groups or players, you will need to add a separate plugin called PureChat that will provide this feature in concordance with PurePerms.

You can find more details about this plugin on its official page here

To add the plugin to your server just download it from here and then use Filezilla to upload it to your plugins folder.

After doing so, you will have to restart the server in order for it to load the new plugin.

Here is our guide for using Filezilla. Also, here is our guide for installing plugins into your server.


/setsuffix <player> <suffix>

Set a player's suffix.

/setprefix <player> <prefix>

Set a player's prefix.

/setnametag <group> <world> <format>

Set the default nametag of a group.

/setformat <group> <world> <format>

Set default chat format.

🧬 Example 🧬

Let's say that we want to set up four groups with the following permissions:

- default: no permissions, default group;

- VIP: permission to use /tp command;

- admin: permissions to use /tp and `/gamemode`;

- owner: all permissions;

Now, to configure the plugin you will need to use the following list of commands:

⚠ NOTE ⚠: If you are using commands in the Multicraft console you need to do it without the / at the beginning.

/addgroup default

Add the default group.

/addgroup VIP

Add the VIP group.

/addgroup admin

Add the admin group.

/addgroup owner

Add the owner group.

/defgroup default

Set the default group as the default one.

/setgperm VIP pocketmine.command.teleport

Add the pocketmine.command.teleport permissions to the VIP group.

/setgperm admin pocketmine.command.gamemode

Add the pocketmine.command.gamemode permissions to the admin group.

/addparent admin VIP

Set the parent group VIP for the admin group. This means that the admin group will have access to all permissions that the VIP groups have.

/setgperm owner *

Add the * permission to the VIP group.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: To give access to a group to all existing permissions you need to give it access to *.

/setgroup MyUsername owner

Let's add ourselves to the owner group.

You can find the full permissions list for the default PocketMine commands here.

Now you just created the four groups and also added yourself to the owner group.

If you find any issues setting up permissions into your PocketMine server using PurePerms please feel free to contact us via live chat or via the ticket system here.

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Updated on: 05/12/2022

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