This article will show you how to enable command blocks on your server.

For this tutorial, you need to be an OP. If you don’t know how to add yourself as an OP, please follow our guide: How to: OP Yourself on Your Minecraft Server.

Enabling Command Blocks in your server

Command Blocks are disabled by default. You can enable them in your server settings:

Stop your server
Click on “FILES”
Then go to “Config Files”

Click on "Server Settings".

Once you have opened your Server Settings, you need to find Enable Command Blocks” and set it to Enabled.

Once they are enabled, click “Save”.

Make sure to click "Save" before leaving these settings.

Start you server and command blocks will be enabled.

Getting a Command Block

There is no way to craft a command block, so you need to use the “give” command from Minecraft. You can enter the command /give <player_name> minecraft:command_block to give someone a command block. Replace <player_name>` with the username of the player.

You can also execute this command though your server console. Just remember that you don’t want to use the slash “/” in your Multicraft server console.

In this example we used “@p” in Minecraft to give ourselves a command block.

Example: /give @p minecraft:command_block

Now you know how to enable command blocks on your server!

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need any further assistance.
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