If you want to set a custom icon for your server on the in-game server list, but don’t know how, you’re in the right place.

The video tutorial will cover everything in this article. But, you can keep reading if you want.

There are three main things we need to do:

Create your icon.
Upload your icon.
Restart your server.

Creating Your Icon:

Grab the picture you want to use and hop over to: http://www.genfavicon.com/

Click on “Browse…” Select the picture you want to use, then click “Open”.

Then click on the “Upload Image” button.

Your image should pop up in the upper right hand corner.

You will then need to click and drag on the little boxes around your image to get it to select the whole image properly.

Below that, you should see “2 Cut & Preview”. Under this heading, you should be able to select a size. Select “64×64”. Then click “Capture & Preview”.

You should then see an option just to the left of that saying “Download: png”. Click on this. Save the file as “server-icon.png”.

Be careful to name the file exactly server-icon.png or this will not work!

Uploading Your Icon

Go to your server’s control panel: https://mc.ggservers.com/ and log in.


Click on “Servers”, then select the server you want to change the icon on.

Select Server

On the left-hand side, click on “Files” then “FTP File Access”.

FTP Access

Enter your password again and click “Login”. On the upper left-hand side, you should see some options.

FTP Login

Click the upload icon:

Upload File

Select the “server-icon.png” icon we created earlier. After it uploads, you should see it in the file list:

Check Upload

If you the see the file, we’re done with this part! All we have left to do is to restart your server.

Restarting Your Server

On the upper left-hand corner, you should see some links. Click on “Servers”. Click on the server you added the icon to. Then click “Restart”. Once your server finishes restarting, you should be all done!

Feel free to open a ticket in your client area if you need any assistance.
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