This guide will help you on how to setup ForgeEssentials in your Minecraft Server.

" ForgeEssentials is a server-only mod. This means you only need to add it to your server and there is no need to have it present on the clients that connect to your server. "

This is a Mod, so you must install it as one.
If you don't know how to Install a Mod in your server you firstly need to set it to run on Forge, which you can simply do it changing your server type to with a clean installation. You can click here for more information regarding Clean Installations. (In this case, you must select your template as Forge)

⚠ Before going through this article you must understand how to install mods! ⚠

If you don't know how to install Mods, please read our How to install Mods on your server article.

Available Versions:

Forge 1.7.10
Forge 1.10.2
Forge 1.12.2 (beta)
See ALL Versions Available

📰 Setting Up Basic Permissions

Example of setting up some simple Permissions Setup tasks.

/p global spawn here - To set the global spawn.

/p group members create - To create a server-group.

/p group members prefix &f[&2MEMBER&f] - To set the chat prefix for our group with some color codes for formatting.

/p group _GUESTS_ prefix &f[&2GUEST&f] - To set the chat prefix for the system-group _GUESTS_, which contains all players without any group.

/p group _GUESTS_ deny fe.commands.**** - This denies default access to most destructive permissions to a group.

/p group _GUESTS_ allow***** - This allows group interaction with buttons, levers and doors.

/p user MyAwesomeNickname group set members - To set MyAwesomeNickname in the group members


ForgeEssentials permissions: # Allow basic access to groups (displays infos) # Allow setting group prefix / suffix # Allow modifying group permissions # Allow setting group spawn

You can also use the asterix ( * ) wildcard on any parent node to control access to all child permissions.

To allow access to,, and you can use the permission*.

⛳🪓 Setting Up Areas

Areas can be managed with the command /area. You can list areas with /area list [PAGE].

Creating Areas

Make a selection for the region.
You can use WorldEdit, if installed, or //fewand.
Once you have an area selected, you can use the command //expand to expand the region from the underground and into the air.

You can define a region by using the command: /area define <NAME>.

Modifying areas

Areas can be changed with /area redefine <NAME> or deleted with /area delete <NAME>

Area entry / exit messages (untested!)

You can set messages that are displayed for players that are entering or leaving any area with /area entry <AREA> <MESSAGE...> or /area exit <AREA> <MESSAGE...>.

Source/Font and More information:
ForgeEssentials GitHub WIKI

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you'd like
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