Playing in creative mode, building big buildings, huge cities, adventure maps, a lobby for your server, spawn and hub, or even for personal reasons are one of the reasons why a player wishes to generate a super-flat world.
If you are one of these players, then this article will help you on.

Firstly, as we are going to generate a FLAT world, we need to speficy this in your Server's properties.

🌎 Configuring it to generate a Flat World 🌎

Stop your server
Go to FILES, and then click on CONFIG FILES

Then click on Server Settings

Find "Level Type" and change it to "Flat World"

Note: If you noticed that you have two "Flat World" options, no worries.
Just pick one of them, and then click on save.

Click on Save

⚠ Remember: Don't start the server yet! We need to setup a new world first!

🌎 Setting up to Generate a New World 🌎

Now we have already set on Multicraft that we wish our server to generate a Flat World, but to finish this process, we must set it to Generate a New World.
To do this:

With your server stopped, change the world name from your currently to "FLAT".
-> You can also use some other name that you wish.

Click on Save
Start your Server

Multicraft will generate a Flat World.

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need any further assistance.
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