This article will show you how to add a resource or behavior pack to your Bedrock server.

🤖 How to Add Packs to Your Server 🤖

Please note that you cannot add resource/ behavior packs to a server directly, you need to load them first in single-player, then upload the world again.

To add a resource/behavior pack you need to:

Download the server world and move it to your mincraftWorlds folder as our guide describes here.
Download your datapack and import it by double left-clicking on it. Minecraft should open up and say "Import started".
Enable experimental features.

Most packs require experimental features to work. These can break your world.

To enable experimental features, go to the packs download page and see what experimental features they tell you to enable, then follow these steps:

Open your Bedrock client, click on Worlds and click the pencil icon next to the world you downloaded.

Pencil Icon

Scroll down until you see Vanilla Experiments.

Vanilla Experiments

Left-click the toggle switch next to the experiments you need. The first time you enable an experiment, Minecraft will create a new "experimental" copy of the world. Click "Activate Experiments".

Activate Experiments

You will then need to open that world by clicking on the pencil icon next to the "experimental" world.

Pencil Icon

Scroll down again, and enable any other experiments you need.

Enable only the experimental features you need to use the pack. If the pack doesn't work, you can try enabling all of the experiments as a test, but we don't recommend doing that to worlds that you're uploading to your server unless you know what you're doing.

Enable your pack.

In that same edit page, click on either resource or behavior packs on the left menu and find your pack. If you don't see it, try the other option.

Resource Packs

Left-click on the pack and select activate.

Activate Pack

Click "Play" to make sure it works. Select "Load World Anyway". Confirm that the pack is working correctly.

Load World Anyway

Stop your server.
Upload your world back to your server as our guide shows here.

You just added a resource/behavior pack to your server!

If you find any issues adding resource/ behavior packs to your server please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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