This article will show you how to properly add a resource or behavior pack to your Bedrock server.

🤖 How to Add Packs to Your Server 🤖

Please note that you cannot add resource/ behavior packs to a server directly, you need to load them first in single-player, then upload the world again.

To add your resource/ behavior pack you need to:

Download the server world as our guide is telling here.

Open your Bedrock client (the single-player client), click on Worlds, then click on the import icon and import the world you downloaded.

Join your world in single-player, then press the Esc button and click on Settings.

Scroll down until you see Add-ons and add the resource and behavior packs you want.

Upload your world back to your server as our guide is telling here.

Now you just added the resource/ behavior pack you wanted.

If you find any issues adding resource/ behavior packs to your server please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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