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How to Downgrade Your World to an Older Version

This guide will help you with the process of downgrading your world to an older version.

❗⚠ NOTE ⚠❗: It is not recommended at all to run your world with an older Minecraft version than the one it was created with. World corruption can appear in the process and you may even lose parts of your world or the world entirely. Running a world with an older version than the one it was generated with will also crash the server in most cases.

❗⚠ NOTE ⚠❗: The first step in this process is to download a backup of your world, so in case it gets damaged you can change the version back and restore the backup. Here you can find our guide explaining how to download a backup of your world. Be sure to actually download the backup on your own machine so there are no chances to lose your world!

🔩 Downgrade Your World Version 🔩

After you did download a copy of your backup, you can proceed with downgrading the server version and trying to run your world.

Here you can find our guide for changing your server type and version so you can downgrade the version.

In most cases, this process will result in a server crash or world corruption. But you have the backup you downloaded on your machine at the start of the process so you can change your version back and restore your world backup, so your server will be restored. You can restore the backup using the Multicraft feature or manually using the backup you did download on your machine.

Here you can find our guide for restoring a backup via Multicraft, and here the one for doing it manually using the backup you did download on your machine.

Please note that it is worth trying to downgrade the world version on your client instead of the server. You can open your Minecraft client, then select the older version you want and run the world you downloaded from the server. If you can load that world on your client, you just need to upload it to your server.

Here is our guide for uploading a world to your server.

If you need further help please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 08/18/2022

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