Here’s a tutorial regarding scheduled tasks and how it works.

Scheduled tasks is a Multicraft feature that allows you to scheduled events/commands to be executed at a specific date/time.
You can use it for regular backups, world saves, server restarts, in-game messages and anything else you wish to execute.

The currently Scheduled Task date and hour is related to your server location. (that you chose before purchase)

How to create a Scheduled Task

Scheduled task is very simple to configure it.

Login in your Multicraft
Click on “Scheduled Tasks” and then click on “New Task” to create a task.

You can set any name you wish.
This name will be shown in your Scheduled Tasks list. In a few words, just to locate your task.

Your Task status.
If it is set to “Scheduled” (which enables the task) or “Paused” (which will temporarily disable it).

Scheduled Time
When is it Scheduled?

If it is marked, what time interval will Multicraft execute the task.

Command to be executed.
You can also use any custom commands you wish.

For example the text for the say command.
You can set a message when this task is executed.

Run For
The task will run for…

A specific player?
To everyone?
To whole server? (execute in console)

Once is finished, just click on “Create”. And your task will be ready, and working.

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need any further assistance.
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