The Bedrock Edition server type allows MCPE, Windows 10 Edition and XBOX players to connect in a world together, to have fun even across multiple platforms.

But some users have difficulty setting up the server to allow XBOX players to connect.
This is also due to the fact that the name of this feature has changed.
Previously called "online-mode" is now called "xbox-auth".

This article seeks to show you how you can let XBOX's players connect.

For this you can use both server types; PocketMineMP and NukkitX.
On this article we'll use Nukkit.

🎮 - XBOX Authentication

Once the server is running on NukkitX we're able to configure it.
For this:

Log in in your Multicraft.
Stop your Server.
Click on FILES and then click on Config Files.

Click on Server Settings - The first option in your list.

Find XBOX-AUTH and set it to ON/OFF as you wish.

> Click on Save and start your Server.

📋 Some Notes:

Like Minecraft Java Servers, we can enable / disable online mode through the file with Bedrock Edition servers. However it is called xbox-auth.
You can allow or deny xbox, windows 10, or mcpe non-authenticated players from joining.
This is not recommended because your server will run in an insecure mode.
You can also use the NukkitX plugin called NotMeXboxLiveAuth to setup everything related to xbox auth, on your Bedrock Edition Server.

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need any further assistance.
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