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How to Connect to Your Server Using WinSCP

WinSCP is a free FTP software program. This amazing software allows you to transfer files from your local computer to your server. It's simple and fast.

Here is the official page of WinSCP. There you can find more information about it.

⚠ Important Notes ⚠

Please note that if you have any issues using WinSCP you can try FileZilla or Cyberduck as an alternative. Here is our guide for using FileZilla and here is our guide for using Cyberduck.

Here is our guide explaining what an FPT client is if needed.

Also, you need to use an FTP client like WinSCP or FileZilla for uploading and downloading files as the Multicraft FTP has limitations on the download/upload of files.

📻 Downloading and Installing WinSCP 📻

You will need to first download and install the WinSCP into your PC.

To download and install WinSCP please do the following:

Click here and download WinSCP.

Install it into your PC by double-clicking on the file you downloaded.

🔄 Connecting via WinSCP 🔄

After installing WinSCP, you will need to connect it to your server to be able to upload or download files.

To connect to your server you just need to:

Login into your Multicraft panel here.

You can use the article Getting Started! - Accessing your Server Control Panel to access your server control panel.

Click on Files and then click on FTP File Access.

On this page you'll be able to see your FTP Credentials, which you must use on WinSCP.

Copy those credentials from Multicraft and paste them into the appropriate fields on WinSCP.

Note that in the password field you need to use your Multicraft password.

Click on Login !

Accept any certificates that may pop up during this process. To get the program to remember this preference, tick the box that says "Always trust" and the program won't ask you to confirm this again.

Now you just connected via WinSCP to your server and you can upload or download files.

If you find any issues using WinSCP please feel free to contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 11/04/2023

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