⚠ Important Notes ⚠

Simple Voice Chat Plugin can run only on CraftBukkit, Spigot, or PaperSpigot as it is a plugin. You can find versions for Fabric and Forge online, with a slightly different installation process.
We highly recommend you use PaperSpigot on your server type as this provides lots of improvements, preventing lag and other crashes, not found on base Vanilla, Craftbukkit, or Spigot.

You need the Fabric or Forge version of the mod installed on your client when using the Bukkit/Spigot/Paper version of Simple Voice Chat on the server!
Versions older than 2.1.0 you can only join servers with the Fabric version of the mod!

Here you can download Forge if you don't have it on your PC yet.

Here you can download Simple Voice Chat mod.

If you dont know how to install mods on your client-side, please check this guide: How to Install Mods Into Your Client

🛠️ Installing the Plugin 🛠️

You can set up the Simple Voice Chat plugin manually or using our Multicraft auto-installer.

Using Multicraft Auto-Installer

Stop the server

Go "Installers" > "Plugin Installer"

Select "Bukkit" and type "Simple Voice Chat" on the search box. Press ENTER.

Select "Install" to install the Simple Voice Chat Plugin

Go back and now select "Spigot" and type "ProtocolLib" on the search box. Press ENTER.

Select "Install" to install the ProtocolLib Plugin

Start the server for the Plugins to generate their folders.

Once the server has fully started, STOP the server again.

📚 Now you need to setup the plugin configuration accordingly to your server information. 📚

At the Multicraft page, copy your IP adress. Then go "Files" > "FTP File Access" and Login.

Once logged, select to open the "/plugins" folder, then the "/voicechat" folder. Then right-click at the voicechat-server.properties and select "Edit".

Simply paste the first part of your IP on the bind_adress section, and the second part, the port of your server, at the port section.

Done! You are all setup. Now you can simply Start your server again for the plugins to work.

NOTE: Make sure to do all the adjustments needed on your client-side.

You can join the server and test the voice chat connection of a specific player by typing the command /voicechat test <PLAYERNAME>.

If you find issues using this plugin, please check the Troubleshooting page available through the oficial mod developer, here.

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