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How to Set Up and Use Biomes O' Plenty Mod

This guide will properly show you how to set up and configure the Biomes O' Plenty mod.

NOTE: The Biomes O' Plenty is a mod so you need to be running a Forge server to be able to load it! Also, do not forget that mods and Forge need to be set up into your client as well as into the server. Here is our guide for installing mods into your client.

❓ What is Biomes O' Plenty ❓

Biomes O' Plenty is a mod that adds unique biomes to the Overworld and Nether. So basically, you can generate a custom world with many more biomes than before.

Please note that for the biomes that this mod contains to generate properly you need to create a new world after adding it, you will not be able to add it to an existing world.

This mod is working only for the following Minecraft versions:


You can find more information about this mod here on the official page if needed.

🔌 How to Set Up Biomes O' Plenty Mod 🔌

To install the Biomes O' Plenty mod into your server you need to do the following:

Download your wished Biomes O' Plenty version here.

Upload the mods to your server mods folder. We highly recommend you to upload the mods through FileZilla.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: We highly recommend you to upload the Mod through FileZilla. You can find more about FileZilla here.

Restart your server.

Please note that we also have a guide for how to install mods on your server here.

🔩 How to Create a World Using Biomes O' Plenty 🔩

To configure the Biomes O' Plenty mod and create a world using it you need to do the following:

Log in to your Multicraft panel, stop your server and click on Create New.

Change just the World Name box to anything you want, like BiomesOP, and click on Create.

Go back to your Multicraft main page, click on Files, then on FTP files access and log in.

Click on server.settings file (inside the root directory of the server), then click on Edit.

Find and change the following line as you see below, then click on Save.

level-type=BIOMESOP - for 1.12.2 and lower versions
level-type=biomesoplenty - for 1.15 and higher versions

⚠ NOTE ⚠: For 1.15 and above, the level-type setting in must be set to biomesoplenty. For 1.12.2 and below, set level-type in to BIOMESOP.

Start the server.

Now you just generated a Biomes O' Plenty world.

If you have any issues setting up Biomes O' Plenty into your server please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 04/09/2021

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