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Minecraft Modpacks

Modpacks are modifications created by the community for Minecraft that alter the gameplay and visual aspects. Typically a modpack contains several individual mods that work together to create a new experience.

NOTE: Here you can find the full list of modpacks we provide!

Examples of things modpacks can change/add:

New types of items
New types of armor and armor slots
New mobs
New types of blocks
Different colors and textures
Game mechanics/biomes/abilities/potions & much more!

Mods/modpacks are not to be confused with plugins, as modpacks alter your gameplay experience on both the client and server-side of things. Plugins are used to alter the server in particular. That being said, modpacks usually come with their launcher to compile all of the mod files onto your client.

⛺ Find Existing Modpacks ⛺

Minecraft modpacks can usually be found under one of the following:

Twitch/ CurseForge
Feed the Beast
Technic Launcher
Voids Wrath

Each of the ones mentioned above provides specific modpacks which can only be found on their specific page.

Also, each of the ones mentioned above provides its own launcher to install the modpacks they provide.

NOTE: Here you can find the full list of modpacks we provide!

🏗️ Can You Create Your Modpack? 🏗️

Yes, you can! You'll have to search for individual mods and find a way to combine them without compatibility issues. After all, modpacks are just a collection of individual mods that make up a whole experience.

But note that it is not recommended to do so. We suggest you stick with already existing modpacks to avoid world corruption and compatibility issues between mods that were not tested properly before being tried to be run together.

But if you manage to get your list of mods up and running on a server, then you just created your very own custom modpack!

Here is our guide for installing a modpack manually to your server.

🎮 How to Play Minecraft Modpacks? 🎮

Playing a modpack is very similar to the way you’d normally play Minecraft. You would simply find and download the appropriate launcher and then either create your own modded world to play in or connect to a modded server.

Note that mods and modpacks need to be set up on your client as well as on the server for you to be able to join!

Here you can find the launchers for all modpacks provider mentioned above in this guide:

Twitch/ CurseForge
Feed the Beast
Technic Launcher
Voids Wrath

After downloading the launcher you need according to which modpack you want to run, all you have to do is search for it and install it on your PC.

All launchers provide easy ways to update the modpack when a new version comes out!

If you have any questions or issues regarding modpacks please feel free to contact us on live chat or via the ticket system here.

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Updated on: 09/29/2022

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