What are Minecraft Modpacks?

Modpacks are community created modifications to Minecraft that alter the gameplay and visual aspects. Typically a modpack contains several individual mods that work together to create a new experience.

Examples of things modpacks can change/add:

New types of items
New types or armor and armor slots
New mobs
New types of blocks
Different colors and textures
Game mechanics/biomes/abilities/potions & much more!

Mods/modpacks are not to be confused with plugins, as modpacks alter your gameplay experience on both the client and server side of things. Plugins are used to alter the server in particular. That being said, modpacks usually come with their own launcher in order to compile all of the mod files in to your client.

How to play Minecraft Modpacks?

Playing a modpack is very similar to the way you’d normally play Minecraft. You would simply find and download the appropriate launcher and then either create your own modded world to play in or connect to a modded server. Twitch also it makes it very easy to browse and install a wide range of modpacks:

Installing a modpack through the Twitch.tv application.

To find and install modpacks via the Twitch application, you’d go to Mods, select Minecraft, select Browse Modpacks and install whichever ones you’d like to play. Once installed, you hit “play” and it will open up the appropriate launcher.
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