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Premium Support Addon

The Premium Support Addon is perfect for your minecraft server if you want our expert Support Technicians to give you some more in depth help with your server! Our staff can help with uploading your world on the server or any files you need, fixing those pesky json and yaml formatting errors that sometimes make you redo entire configuration files, making small configuration changes, we'll even resize your favorite image into a server icon and help fix any Domain settings you're having issues with!

But wait, there's more! With the Advanced Support Addon you can say goodbye to lag and entity crashes! We will get on your server, make the time consuming debug and timings reports ourselves, and we'll let you know exactly what's causing the problem or even fix the issue directly depending on the cause!

You can do all of this yourself, and we have guides for most of them, but with the help of our experts you can get these done in no time and without any errors!

💠 What does Premium Support get me exactly? 💠

Uploading worlds and other files
Making small configuration changes
Setting the server's MOTD and icon
Assistance with Domain setup
Changing server properties of any kind, including yaml files of bukkit and its forks(spigot,paper and others)
Assistance with paper/spigot/bukkit/forge configuration files and any errors in them
Configuring MySQL on plugins that support it(requires MySQL addon)
Installing datapacks
Fixing(if possible) lag and crashes

💠 What are the limits of Premium Support? 💠

Installing and/or configuring plugins or mods, we have separate addons for these
Behavior Packs for Bedrock, you will need to apply them to the world before requesting it to be uploaded
Server Management
Several requests in a short timeframe

💠 How do I use Premium Support? 💠

You can open up a ticket via the ticket system, or a Live Chat at any time!

Make sure to have your Support Pin ready if you open a Live Chat, our Staff will need it to identify your server!

The addon is only required once per account, you do not need to buy it for multiple servers. If you did so accidentally please open a ticket to Billing.

If you find any questions about Premium Support please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 07/24/2023

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