A subdomain can be used to connect to your server without the need to type all those odd numbers.
You can get it on the package building, before purchasing.

You can directly connect to this address without indicating a port.

You can find your currently Subdomain on the email titled "Your Minecraft Server Details" that was sent to you after purchasing or in your Multicraft Panel.

💭 If you don't know what is Multicraft or how to access it, we recommend you to read our Getting Started! - Accessing your Server Control Panel article.

And here you can see your currently server's Subdomain:

What Subdomains are available?

We offer any of the following for free:

If you would like a free subdomain, we offer any of the following:

How to change it?

To change it you just need to open a ticket in your Client Area and request.
If you don't have a subdomain and wish to have one, you can request it in the ticket as well.

🎫 You can open a ticket here: https://ggservers.com/billing/submitticket.php
Just remember to log in before opening the ticket!

Feel free to contact us if you need anything!
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