This article will help you on how you can install a custom forge in your server.

🔨 Downloading Forge Installer 🔨

To install a custom Forge in your Server you must get specifieds Forge server files.

To do this you just need to go to official Forge's website.
You can go to there on here:

🚨 Find which forge/version you wish to download.
Now the important thing is that you must download " Forge Installer " option.

🔨 Getting Server Files 🔨

Once is downloaded create a folder in your desktop.
Drag and drop that Forge installer inside this folder.

- > Execute this file.
- > Select the option "Install Server"
- > Select your wished directory.
- > Start the installation.

🔰 Forge will generate some files...

But, the most imporant things are 2 files and 1 folder.
It will generate a new Forge jar file (That you must rename it to " custom ")
It will generate a new minecraft_server jar file.
It will generate a folder called "libraries"

🔨 Installing in your server 🔨

Back to your Multicraft Panel and stop your server.

Access your server FTP File access.
💭 You can read more FTP File Access with the following link:

Open your server's /jar directory and delete everything that is inside it.
Now upload your custom.jar, minecraft_server jar file and your /libraries folder to your server /jar directory.

💭 Use the option "Upload Folder" to upload your new /libraries folder.

Once all files are inside your server /jar directory you can back to your server and change the server type to "custom".

Set it to "Custom"
Click on Save.
Start your server.

- > Remember that it is higly recommended to generate a new world afterwards!

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need help.

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