This article should help you on how you can update Most Modpacks that are available in our list.

Deleting Main folders

First of all:
Stop your Minecraft Server
Go to " Files " .
Click on " FTP File Access ".

Log in using your Multicraft Password.

There you must delete the following Directories:


Variable Exceptions

Depending on the Modpack that your server is running, you must delete some more directories in order to get everything updated. If you find one of the following folders in your Server's FTP File Access, you must delete before updating.
Some of those include the following examples:

Installing the Newest version of the modpack

With your server Stopped, do a Single/Simple Installation.
Note that this doesn't include the Delete files option.
You can perform a simple installation by going to your Multicraft Panel. There you need to:

Click on "Files" and select "Setup".
Select the template you want to update.
Go back and start/restart your server up!

🛑 NOTE: Make sure not to tick any box! 🛑

Go back and start your server back.

Done! Your modpack is now updated to the latest version that it's available in your Multicraft Control Panel.

If the Modpack seems still outdated, please open a ticket in your Client Area that we'll get you as soon as possible!

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