Multiverse Core is a plugin that enables the user to have multiple active worlds on one server at the same time, as well as to be able to move freely between them.

Some of its extensions and additions include:
💠 Multiverse Portals
💠 Nether Portals
💠 Sign Portals

This article will show the basics Multiverse Core functions.

🌎 Installing Multiverse plugin

Download the plugin on MultiverseCore Bukkit page. You can get it on here:
Upload your Multiverse core jar file into your FTP to your server /plugins directory and start the server.

We highly recommend users to read our How To: Install Plugins on your server article firstly.

🌎 Commands & Features 🌎

🔰 Generating a new world
To generate a new world you just need to type the following command:
/mv create <name>
➖ This will generates a new world in your server.

World generating values:

🔰 Teleporting to some world
To teleport to a specified world you just need to type the following command:
/mv tp <name>
➖ This will teleport you to a specified world in your server.

🔰 Deleting some world
To delete a specified world you just need to type the following command:
/mv delete <name>
➖ This will delete a specified world in your server.

🌎 Importing a world 🌎

🔰 Importing an existing world.

Using FileZilla, upload the world that you wish to import.

❔ If you don't know what is FTP and/or FileZilla and how to use them, we suggest you to read our How to: Access Your Minecraft Server Files Via FTP article.

World importing values:

🔑 On this example, we uploaded a world folder called " AdventureMap ", so the command to import it will be:
/mv import AdventureMap normal

❗ - Note that capital letters are sensitive!
You need to use the exact name of the world folder in your game.

Useful Links:
Official MultiverseCore's WIKI
Complete Commands Reference
Permissions List

Feel free to contact the support if you need any assistance.
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